Hyde Park School
One School, Two Learning Programs

Hyde Park School

is a diverse learning environment for students in grades K-6th grade. Hyde Park School is one school that offers two learning programs:

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Neighborhood Program (Grades K-4) offers a strong academic curriculum based on state academic content standards in a community setting. Students are assigned to neighborhood elementary schools according to home addresses. The district determines the boundaries for each neighborhood school.


Cincinnati Gifted Academy (CGA) serves gifted students in grades 3-6 throughout the Cincinnati Public School District.  Students eligible for the Cincinnati Gifted Academy have the following gifted markers:

  • Rank at the Superior Cognitive level on a cognitive abilities test OR
  • Score at the 95th percentile or higher in two of the following subjects on the Terra Nova or other standardized achievement test: Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science. One of the two subjects MUST be either Math or Reading.

Qualification for entrance to Cincinnati Gifted Academy is based on 2nd grade scores on State approved assessments.


For more information about enrollment for Cincinnati Gifted Academy, please call our office at 513-363-2800.