Common Core Curriculum

Content standards are helping Cincinnati Public Schools ensure that written curriculum, classroom instruction and tests of learning all match — an alignment that research suggests makes a powerful impact on student achievement.

Why Choose the Neighborhood Program at Hyde Park School?

A Learning Environment for Grades K-5. At our neighborhood program, students will engage in a positive learning environment that supports academic achievement and social development.

Key features:

  • Full day Kindergarten classrooms
  • Research based instructional strategies to support student learning
  • Weekly special classes (Latin, Art, Music, STEM and Physical Education)
  • Student access to computers in the classroom
  • Dedicated and highly trained teaching staff
  • Enrichment opportunities for grades 3-5 are offered through student selected electives
  • Weekly gifted classes are offered in grades 1 through 5
  • Parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged.

Why Choose the Cincinnati Gifted Academy at Hyde Park School?

A New Education Option for Exceptional Children in Grades 3-6. At the Cincinnati Gifted Academy, gifted students will blossom in a rigorous environment that is flexible enough to meet the specific learning needs of academically gifted students.

Key features:

  • Our curriculum is based on in-depth understanding and application of grade level Common Core and State Standards.
  • Differentiation occurs within the classroom to meet the individual needs of students.
  • Technology is used to enrich and accelerate learning.
  • Students are engaged in Problem Based Learning.
  • Enrichment opportunities are offered through student selected electives, field trips and guest visitors.
  • Students participate in community service.
  • To develop the “whole child,” education will be complemented by instruction in Latin and Arts enrichment. Teachers will design learning experiences to meet the needs of gifted children in all areas — Academic Challenge, Personal Growth and Contribution to Society.
  • Parent involvement in school activities and enrichment opportunities is welcomed and encouraged.